Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finding Peace in This House: Candice

Welcome to the final entry in our six-week series focused on ETD's Finding Peace in This House, which opens January 23, 2012. Today, we offer a sneak peek into the process of sculpting and performing the story of Candice.

Candice was born a male, yet she always felt like a female inside. She discusses how it felt to grow up feeling trapped in the wrong body, and how she finally came to the decision to begin the medical journey of transitioning to a woman. Candice is just one of the six remarkable people featured in Finding Peace in This House. (Click here to read about the other stories that comprise the show.)

Heather Tahler, a graduate student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, interviewed Candice and then transcribed and edited her story. ETD artistic associate Millicent Hurley performs Candice's story onstage. Both women share insight into their own experiences working on this project.

Heather (Story Collector):
"Working with Candice was an incredible experience and invaluable to my future work as a clinician. Hearing her story and seeing her commitment to transgender awareness was truly inspirational. I think everyone could benefit from hearing Candice's struggle and how she overcame it. I cannot describe the impact of this story enough, you'll just have to hear it for yourself."

Millicent (Actor):

Millicent Hurley as Candice
"I was thrilled when [director] Brighid [O’Shaughnessy] called me in to audition for Erasing the Distance. She initially called me in for another monologue and then she said, 'Hey, would you be up for reading one we just finished? It’s about a woman who knew from early on that she was a female in a male body.' I read a few paragraphs, and I was just sucked right into Candice's story. That’s the piece we picked for me to portray in Finding Peace in This House.

The challenge was to really understand what Candice had gone through all her life, pretending to be someone she wasn’t. I had to dig deep for the times in my life when I felt like an outsider and/or alone. I have to admit, I was quite nervous when I first performed the piece, as I knew Candice was going to be in the audience. But in the end, the actor side of me said, 'Just tell the story. That is what’s most important.' And it was. What an amazing experience."
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