Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finding Peace in This House: Deb

Welcome to the second entry in our six-week series highlighting the different stories featured in ETD's Finding Peace in This House, which opens Jan. 23, 2012. Today, we offer a sneak peek at Deb.

Deb is a wife, mother, and elementary school teacher who self-injures as a way of coping with severe anxiety.
Janet Gillett, a graduate student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, interviewed Deb and then transcribed and edited her story. ETD ensemble member Jennifer Mathews performs Deb's story in the play.

Janet (Story Collector):
"Talking to Deb was an incredible experience. As I listened to her story, I felt the power of her sadness and was honored to sit with her through this experience. Because her story resonated with me so powerfully, it wasn't hard to decide which parts would resonate with an audience at large. Many people connect with her story because she struggles daily with common fears we all share, such as guilt and worthlessness. I am continually inspired by how Deb faces her fears and is able to work through her pain instead of ignore it. When I hear her story, I see the struggles that haunt many individuals and the strength of the human spirit."

Jennifer Mathews as Deb
Jennifer (Actor):
"Giving voice to Deb's story is an honor. I've been blessed to be part of ETD's acting ensemble for several years, and I have performed many people's stories on the stage. The responsibility is enormous, but so is the privilege.

A pattern I have witnessed over the years with our stories is that many times, storytellers feel comfortable sharing their story only once they have gone through their journey and come out the other side. However, Deb's story is different. She is still very much in the midst of her illness, and she is fighting - fighting hard. I feel enormous compassion and respect and hope for her, and I think the audience will too."

Please join us Jan. 23, 24, 30 or 31 for Finding Peace in This House! Click here for ticket information.

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