Friday, November 11, 2011

Say It Out Loud performance wrap-up

Click here to read a lovely blog post by Melissa Black Ford, self-described parent/coach/educator and blogger for She offers a lovely wrap up of the recent Erasing the Distance performance at The Arts Center of Oak Park to help kick off the Say It Out Loud campaign, and her blog demonstrates better than we ever could exactly how our shows impact audiences. Thank you, Melissa!

And also, PLEASE don't forget to vote for Erasing the Distance in the Chase Community Giving contest on Facebook! Every vote counts, and just two minutes of your time can help Erasing the Distance win up to $250,000 to help us continue our mission to shed light on mental health issues through theatre. To vote, just click the button below. (Note: be sure to "Like" Chase Community Giving's FB page or you will not be allowed to place a vote.) Thank you for your support!

Chase Community Giving

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