Thursday, January 6, 2011

Erasing the Distance travels to Ohio Wesleyan, presented by OWU's Active Minds Chapter

Later this month, we'll be traveling to Ohio Wesleyan University to perform. We'll be taking four stories: Keith, Jay, Karen, and Rose.*  Communications Director Oriana Fowler spoke with Ohio Wesleyan student Andrea Hatfield, who played a major role in bringing this event to campus.

Oriana: How did you find out about Erasing the Distance (ETD) and what drew you to it?
Andrea (pictured): 
I am currently the president of Active Minds at Ohio Wesleyan University.  I read about Erasing the Distance last spring while looking for events to bring to campus.
Erasing the Distance provides a creative and entertaining way to accomplish our goal of spreading mental health awareness. I hope the show will appeal to a wide audience and that we will be able to engage students we would not see at a typical lecture-style presentation. Theater can be a very intimate art form and I trust ETD will inspire the OWU campus.
What has the process been like in working to bring us to Ohio Wesleyan/coordinating the event?
I am blessed with full support from our OWU Active Minds advisors and Brighid has been wonderful to work with. Finding a performance space and time was more difficult than anticipated but Brighid was always flexible and patient with the delays. OWU has a busy calender but I am hopeful the performance will be accessible to many students and faculty.
What do you think is a pressing mental health need in your community?
There just are not enough counselors to fill the community need. It is difficult to be placed on a waiting list when you have finally gathered the courage to seek help! It would be helpful to have other sources of support to help bridge the gap. 

Can you tell us your favorite way to de-stress?
Being outside: It helps me think and I like seeing other people going through their day - it reminds me that life is bigger than my stress! 
Thanks, Andrea! We look forward to the performance at Ohio Wesleyan on January 25th.  
To bring Erasing the Distance to your campus or community, start the conversation by contacting us. 

*Descriptions of these stories can be found on the Design Your Own Show page.

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