Friday, January 28, 2011

Depression and the Black Woman

At a recent Erasing the Distance performance, at Ohio Wesleyan University, a student in the audience asked us about diversity in relation to mental illness during our dialogue.

We discussed the fact that statistics show mental illness does not discriminate; it affects people across cultural, ethnic, racial, gender, and sexual orientation lines - but that stigma and reluctance to share are more prevalent among certain communities, including the African American community.

Then today I stumbled upon preview clips from a new documentary, by Stacey Muhammad, called Out Of Our Right Minds - Trauma, Depression, and the Black Woman.  The documentary explores...
"Black women and men from all walks of life, speak openly and candidly about depression, mental illness, anxiety, stress...why these discussions are considered taboo in the African American community..and ways in which we begin to ... and continue to ... heal the wounds."
I love finding other people who are using personal narratives to explore and illuminate issues that are hard to confront - which is what Muhammad does here.  For additional information about this film, click through the link.

Have a thoughtful weekend.

-Jessica Mondres

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Jessica!