Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Will You Stand Up Workshops - Come Stand With Us!

On December 1st ETD staged a performance of 6 stories from people whose lives have been impacted by violence.  It was the 2nd of our 3 part series on violence prevention, Will You Stand Up.  The first segment, a community forum, took place in September.

I don't mind telling you that we worried a little-while bringing the script together-that the show might be too much to take in all in one night.  That 6 stories from men and women who had been the victims of sexual, physical, and verbal assault would leave us and our audience feeling a little hopeless. 

However the strength, courage, and resolve that each story teller displayed in the face of such odds left us anything but hopeless.  The evening was inspiring.  The audience (and us ETD veterans too) were definitely moved--but the bravery of the 3 men and 3 women reflected on that stage left one feeling inspired to take action.  It filled us with hope!

We couldn't have been more proud of the actors who helped bring these stories to life on stage.  We also owe a big thank you to all the non-profits who helped by donating resources.  Rape Victims Advocate were amazing in their support of the night.  They sent a team of people to man the lobby, so that anyone strongly impacted by the stories would have an advocate present to provide immediate support.

We are also soooo grateful to Scott Letscher at Adventure Stage for making the whole night possible by donating his time, and the space, for the event.  If you haven't seen their theatre you should check it out!

Since that night we have been offering a series of free violence prevention workshops to anyone interested in attending.  There are 3 more workshops coming up...
Please join us for one or all of them!


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