Thursday, December 30, 2010

Share Your Story on January 16th!

Update:  Check out our story telling needs below for an updated list of stories we are looking for!

On Sunday January 16th Erasing the Distance will be holding it's second quarterly Story Sharing Day at Flourish Studios between 12 pm and 4pm.  During our story sharing days we invite you to join us at Flourish if you have a story about living with mental illness, or living through a life experience that has impacted your mental health.  It may be your own story, or the story of a loved one that touches your life as well.  All are welcome.

Our staff, and trusted mental health partners and volunteers, will be on hand to listen to your story in a safe private space.  We will also have people on hand to help with mental health referrals and support for anyone who needs it.

This time around we are also looking for specific stories for some upcoming custom shows we will be debuting in the spring.  If you or someone you know has a story on one of the following topics you feel moved to share, please reach out to us:

  • In May we will perform our first Spanish language play in Humboldt Park, addressing mental health issues like addiction and depression.  We would love to collect stories in Spanish on these subjects.
  • We need a story from a high school or Jr High School student about the impact of ADD/ADHD.
  • We are looking for a story from a man or woman of Asian and/or Indian descent with a disability and would like to share their experiences.
  • We continue to look for stories from LGBT youth impacted by violence, homelessness, and/or mental illness.
  • We continue to look for stories from men/women over the age of 45 who have experienced mental health issues or have a loved one/child/spouse who does.
  • We continue to look for stories from those whose mental/emotional health has been impacted by bullying.
  • We continue to look for stories from individuals and families touched by Autism and Asperger's
  • We are looking for stories from teens/college students living with Bipolar Disorder for our continued work with high schools/colleges.
  • As always, we welcome anyone with a story they would like to share to come join us.

To learn more about how we run our story sharing days, or to sign up for an interview spot, check out our Story Sharing Day page on the website.  And please pass this along to anyone you know who might like to share their story.

-Jessica Mondres

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