Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A guest post from Penelope

Amanda interviewed Penelope
and performed her story
Last week I told you about our December 1st performance of Will You Stand Up.  Today i am happy to be able to publish a guest blog from one of the women whose stories we told for the first time that night.  Meet Penelope:

Two weeks ago I attended the ETD show "Will you stand up?" It wasn't an easy decision - whether or not to attend as one of the stories being told that night was my own. I had entered the storytelling process not really certain my story was worth telling on stage, so truthfully when I heard that ETD wanted to include it, I was surprised. And then I cried. Cried in that deep release sort of way.

Watching all six performances left me feeling humbled, and there was a dignity and sweetness to the performance of my own story. The whole experience - from being interviewed to watching the performance - honored this dark part of my history and has made it easier to acknowledge that yes, I was once in an abusive relationship. And while that past relationship is only one piece of who I am today, I think it's been healing to look that piece of my life directly in the eye.

Deep thanks to Amanda and Brighid for their specific work on this project and the crafting and telling of my story.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the performance and it's impact on you with us and our readers Penelope.  Your courage and strength leave me feeling humbled.

Tomorrow I will be attending the last Will You Stand Up workshop, Understanding Youth, Media, and Violence, at 5pm at the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club (5480 S Kenwood Ave.)  The workshop will be facilitated by Carrie Wachter of Rape Victims Advocates. I hope to see you all there.


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  1. Penelope, thank you for being willing to "claim" your story and experience without minimizing it. By doing so, it sounds like you not only took a step toward your own healing but you helped me with mine too. You are a graceful warrior.