Monday, November 29, 2010

Consider supporting mental health and true expression with a donation

Dear Readers,

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend.  I was able to spend time with family and friends this weekend, and enjoyed some delicious home-cooked meals (and am now enjoying leftovers!).  There is a lot to be grateful for. . . my list includes being grateful to have a support network, and to live and work in an environment where my voice is heard and valued.  At Erasing the Distance, we also value making your voice heard.

This Wednesday, December 1st, Erasing the Distance presents a free theatrical event, "Will You Stand Up?"   This powerful performance features 6 diverse true stories of people who have been impacted by violence, such as domestic and dating violence, sexual abuse, and street violence.  It's a challenging topic and we think its important to give voice to these issues within our community.  After the performance, audience members will be invited to stand up and sign up a community covenant -- transforming our individual voices into action.  The performance is at 6pm at Adventure Stage at 1012 N Noble, in Chicago.  It is FREE -- simply show up on Dec 1st, or email to reserve your spot at "Will You Stand Up?"

Each week, artists from Erasing the Distance -- led by Brighid O'Shaughnessy -- travel to Grimes Middle School to work with students to discuss mental health issues.  The students who have self-selected to be in this residency are an amazing group who want to stop and shed light on the cycles of shame and secrecy that affect many of their lives.  By learning about mental health, sharing their stories, and having a safe environment in which to express themselves, these students are making a difference in their own lives, and will be mental health advocates in their communities in the future -- just like many of you reading here.

Artwork by student in an Erasing the Distance residency

Consider supporting shedding light on mental illness by making a donation to Erasing the Distance.  Your donation helps to give voice to the diverse experiences of mental illness, and to break the cycles of shame and secrecy that keep many silent and without support.


Click here to read our email-appeal about how donations help students in an Erasing the Distance residency

Thanks for reading. Join us for "Will You Stand Up?" on Dec 1st, tell a friend, donate now -- I invite you to add your voice in a way that is meaningful for you.


~ Oriana at Erasing the Distance

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