Monday, October 18, 2010

What You're Not Expecting When You're Expecting

Join Erasing the Distance, Swedish Covenant Hospital,  and Flourish Studios for an evening of performance and discussion honoring and focusing on moms and moms-to-be.

We will perform a custom show, “What You’re Not Expecting When You’re Expecting”,  featuring actresses Jen Mathews and Amanda Eaton. This original piece explores the real experiences of two women who open up about their expectations about what motherhood would be like, and how those notions were tested and  transformed by what motherhood was actually like for each of them.  

Each woman shares the laughter, tears, stress, surprises, and revelations that came with motherhood.  They confront the myth of the "perfect mom" and the fact that the experience of becoming a mother is harder, more unique, and more rewarding than people might think.

The performance will be followed by a panel of local health experts including Sherri Ruerup, director of Nurse-Midwifery at Swedish Covenant Hospital, Dr. Katherine Hanson, health psychologist at Swedish Covenant Hospital and Cathy Hennessy Price, a child and family therapist.  They will address the need for new (and experienced) moms to remember to take time and care for themselves too!

I hope to see you there.

Location: Flourish Studios, 3020 N. Lincoln Ave.  Wednesday, October 27, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Reservations: (773) 878-6888
Cost: Free

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