Friday, September 10, 2010


What is an ambassador?  If you check the dictionary you will find that an ambassador is described as...

"A diplomat of the highest rank...accredited as a authorized messenger or ambassador of goodwill."

Diplomacy, high regard, spreading goodwill, taking on the task of representing a cause, organization, or even country to the world.  These are the things an ambassador takes on.  

You may be wondering why I am musing over the qualities and responsibilities of ambassadors today.  Well very soon Erasing the Distance will have the first meeting of our brand new Ambassador Council, and the idea and the word have been on my mind.

Today I want to share a little about ETD's vision for the ambassador council with you.

Our new Ambassador Council is a group of dedicated volunteers with the goal of spreading the word about Erasing The Distance in their communities and neighborhoods utilizing word-of-mouth, social networking, personal connections.  They are people who have a passion for our mission and work, and an interest in word-of-mouth marketing, social networking, and creative approaches to getting the word out.

Having a group of dedicated volunteers helping us get the word out about what we do means we can reach many more people with our message and our mission.  The council will be putting our mission into action by shedding light on mental health and creating conversation about it in the community.  Our ambassadors will help us combat stigma and silence around mental health issues in their communities, churches, and schools.

Are you a fan of Erasing the Distance, and the work that we do?  Are you someone who would like to take on the challenge of spreading the word and breaking the silence?  Email me at if you would like to talk about being an ETD Ambassador.

Thanks, and have a lovely weekend.


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