Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Five questions with Jessica Mondres

Five Questions with Jessica Mondres
ETD Collaborator since October 2008

1. What is your role with Erasing the Distance? 
I am the Outreach Director at Erasing the Distance, one of three staff members. I am also a cast member in our college show Facing the Rain, and I sometimes pop up in our custom performances too.

2. When you are not working with ETD, what might you be doing? 

I love cooking, crafting, and riding my bike.

3. Can you share with us your favorite ETD moment? 

It is hard to choose a favorite moment, so instead I would like to talk about one of my most recent favorites :)  We just had our organizational retreat over the weekend, and I was so inspired to see the dedication and commitment to ETD's mission shown by each of the staff members, board members, and artistic ensemble members in attendance.  It really hit me how much our little organization has grown since I came on board, and it made me excited to see where the next year will take us.

4. What do you think is a pressing mental health need in your community? 

The high cost of health insurance for people who are not covered through their employers, not to mention the hurdles you have to jump over to even get coverage if you have any kind of pre-existing condition, are a major barrier to treatment for many people.  Being part of a community of self employed artists, I see the impact of this all the time.  

5. Can you tell us your favorite way to de-stress? 
When I feel stressed or overwhelmed I like to find a project (crafting, organizing all my drawers, sweeping the whole house, baking a cake) that I can get absorbed in while I either watch silly television shows or listen to records on my hi-fi.  

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