Friday, May 28, 2010

The role of faith in healing

Recently we have visited several Churches and an Orthodox Jewish girls high school with our mental health performances. It reminded me that for many people living with a mental illness, religious practice and spiritual leaders and teachers can become a large component of the healing process. Faith groups can be a wonderful source of support, which is why it is so important to us that we bring our work into these communities.

With these thoughts in mind, I would like to share with you a guest post from one of our most recent story tellers, Prema Malhotra, about the role her faith has played in her healing process:

Growing up as a Hindu, religion never played a part in my life until I found my spiritual teacher Amma Sri Karunamayi , in 2008, through a wonderful therapist of mine. I realized that the purpose of life was to live a good life and do our duty as the Hindu word would be dharma. We are taught to live our life without attachment and practice meditation and chant our mantras. 

Some may wonder what are the benefits of mantra chanting and doing meditation; some may say "that won’t help my depression."  In my experience this was what helped save me and instill courage, faith, and the ability to know that we are all connected as one and never alone. 

Through my spiritual growth I have been able to heal. Most of my depression stemmed from issues relating to abandonment, loss, and having many fears. When I met Amma (pictured at right) I finally was able to begin to let go of my past issues which caused so much pain in my life.

Through my faith in myself I have been able to see things in a new light. Deep down I rationally knew why I was hurting, and why I was in pain, yet Amma helped me to see it for myself. Amma never saw my weaknesses or my bad qualities but always saw the good within.  Although I do face challenges still today, my faith has helped me to heal from my depression.


Thanks Prema, and thanks to all our readers too.  Have a blissful weekend!



  1. This is an amazing story! Thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. You expressed yourself with such grace!

    Mrs. G.

  3. that was agood piece and an inspiring one too, prema. keep up that flow. kusum masi