Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yesterday evening, Erasing the Distance hosted its second Mental Health Advisory Board meeting.
Inaugurated in November 2009, the Mental Health Advisory Board (MHAB) brings together professionals who are experts in the field of mental health, from a variety of perspectives, and who share their expertise with Erasing the Distance.

This meeting, our discussions led to some pretty chewy topics, such as:

- How to engage the mental health community in Chicago in a discussion about diversity in relation to the experience of mental illnesses.

- Exploring the question, "What is universal about mental health, and what aspects of mental health are specific to a person's heritage and cultural understanding of the world?"

-The ethical issues that must be considered when working with youth who want to share their experiences with us, and who come to us for guidance and support.

-Erasing the Distance's desire to find a partner organization to go with us to schools and provide counseling and referrals during the school day following our visits. We got some wonderful advice form our advisory board members and are eager to follow up.

What do you think about these topics? We would love to know.

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~ Oriana & Jessica at Erasing the Distance

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