Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A retrospective...

Today I think it is time for a retrospective of our series of posts about mental illnesses. Every two weeks for the past several months we have focused on a specific mental illness. The first week we gave you an introduction to the disorder. We followed these introductions the second week with a post that delved a bit more deeply into the diagnosis being discussed.

So why are we taking a look back today? Well, two reasons really:

1) It will be nice to have all these posts collected together in one place. I hope it will be helpful to you to be able to access any of the posts in this series just by clicking the links below.


2) Soon we will be kicking off a brand new series of posts! We have some exciting ideas we are kicking around for the new series. Before we tell you what they are, however, I would love to hear from you! We want to know what you think we should be talking about in this forum. If you have ideas or questions you want us to explore regarding mental health, or the role of theatre and art in creating awareness about the issue of mental health, let us know! Let's start talking!

So, without further ado, here are links to each post we have shared in this series.










If you or someone you love is struggling with any of the above issues, or you just want to learn more about mental health, I hope you will find these posts helpful.

And if you have ideas about what we should be talking about on this blog, or questions about mental health or theatre for social justice you want answered, let us know! We hope to hear from you.

Friday we will be back to talk about a new weekly series, and to let you know what ETD has on the horizon.



  1. I think it would be nice if you had an occasional post about theatrical shows in Chicago/surrounding area that were performing projects related to mental illness.

    You could link to their sites and give a rundown on the plot & ailment.

    You could do this with movies too, now that I think about it.

  2. I like those suggestions, Birdhaus! For example, I saw "Shutter Island" which takes place in a hospital. It also reminded me of another movie starring Mr. DiCaprio -- "Aviator" -- which if I recall correctly includes a portrayal of the main character's struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
    Discussion of the movies might be tricky, in that without seeing the movie it would be difficult to assess if the movie is accurately portraying an illness versus perpetuating a myth.
    Do you know of any Chicago theatre shows up right now that relate to mental illness?

    ~ Oriana @ Erasing the Distance