Friday, March 5, 2010

The Art of Flourishing

Yesterday evening I enjoyed a free preview workshop at Flourish Studios.

Flourish Studios is a large beautiful space that includes an art gallery, lovely gifts and wellness-orientated retail, plus studios that are leased by therapists. Erasing the Distance has held a couple events there now, including the event on Feb 26th with Abby Sher in honor of National Eating Disorders Week (see photo below). The owner and founder of Flourish Studios, Dr. Julia Rahn, is now on Erasing the Distance's Mental Health Advisory Board, and I look forward to working together more in the future!

A photo of guests at Flourish Studios on Feb 26th for the event "Abby Sher: And You Were There Too" presented by Erasing the Distance and Flourish Studios.
Photo by John LaVere.

Back to the yesterday's workshop -- titled The Art of Flourishing, Julia shared with us building blocks that can help in the process of flourishing in life. She emphasized that it is a continual journey, not one end point. The building blocks she talked about are: Appreciation, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Humor & Laughter, and Meditation & Contemplation.

She shared with us a few Youtube videos as a fun way to discuss some of these ideas. I particularly liked one video, about a baby squirrel trying to jump over a wall. It showed that sometimes you have to keep trying, that sometimes you have to accept help, and the video also made me laugh.

The one-hour workshop also included a brief overview of positive psychology. As Julia explained, positive psychology includes the study of happiness, and focuses more on adding the positive instead of taking away the negative. I enjoyed the workshop and having the opportunity to reflect on those building blocks of appreciation, acceptance, forgiveness, humor & laughter, and meditation & contemplation. Thank you, Dr. Julia, for the opportunity!

You can learn more about Flourish Studios by visiting

Wishing you a healthy weekend,

~ Oriana at Erasing the Distance

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