Friday, January 22, 2010

Time flies!

January is almost over, and we are all back into the swing of business as usual here at ETD. But it seems like the holidays were just here moments ago doesn't it? It is amazing how quickly time slips away from you when you are busy. I want to take a moment to slow down right now and share some memories with you. We are all about sharing stories here at ETD after all.

Before the holidays began we let you know that we would be posting less here at the blog while our staff (yours truly, as well as Oriana and Brighid) enjoyed the holiday season with
family and friends. What did that look like for each of us?

I went on an amazing two week adventure through Honduras and Guatemala with my entire family, 8 of us in total.

My family (and our tour guides and a lovely Scandinavian couple)on our way up the volcano

We were inspired to shake up our family tradition of gathering at my parent's home by my sister, Ashley, who is living and working in Honduras for a year. Instead of allowing her to spend her Christmas alone, far away from her family, we decided to go to her. We had some amazing experiences (I climbed an active volcano and ate a marshmallow toasted over lava people!) and I came home with memories that will last me a life time.

My family rode horses through a Honduran coffee and cardamom plantation, it had been in the owners family since the 1800's!

Oriana went to Costa Rica and stayed near Manual Antonio National Park on the Pacific Ocean. "It was great!" she said. She went on a canopy tour, and rode ziplines through the canopy.
She got to relax on the beach and watch the sunset over the water. She said she had an amazing time. She shared these photos of the zipline and sunset with me to share with all of you.
While Oriana and I did some global traveling, Brighid (who was too busy having fun to pull out the camera!) says she:

"Held down the fort here in Chicago, both personally and with ETD. I spent heartwarming time with my family, watched my cousin play a flute with his nose, and was thrilled that all my Christmas shopping got done early. (First time in a decade, folks!) My favorite and most used holiday gift so far has been season 10 and 11 of Frasier. No matter how many times I watch it, it never grows old. New Year's Eve was spent with 2nd Story, a great project started by Serendipity Theater, that is all about storytelling alongside live music. I got to see Miss Julie Ganey grace the stage with a beautiful story about love, marriage, and the desire to keep things sexy! It was hilarious, touching and so well written. And the best part was watching her husband, my friend Brad, laugh and turn red as he watched! That's it for me folks....hope your holiday was fantastic. Best wishes for 2010."

We would love to hear about your holiday experiences too. I hope they were filled with warmth, love, and moments to cherish! Have a wonderful weekend!


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