Monday, December 21, 2009

Help for the Holidays

The holidays are stressful sometimes, and for people coping with mental illness it is especially important to take steps to stay healthy.

It is often repeated that suicide rates are higher during the holidays. But that is actually a myth that isn't true.
As this source says, "
the holiday suicide myth may detract attention from the real needs of people who might consider suicide at any time of year."

Plus, I think it may obscure the importance of taking care of one's mental health in less extreme circumstances.

So, Jessica and I perused the internet to find resources that can help prepare for potential holiday stresses. We found the following links to share:
  1. Mental health ministries: includes information about faith communities and awareness of mental health issues during holidays, including a free downloadable brochure; also just a good faith based resource.

  2. Severe mental illness and traveling for the holidays

  3. A variety of articles from American Psych. Association:
All in all, with everything going on this time of year, its important to take some time for your own self-care.

From all of us at Erasing the Distance, we wish you a safe & healthy holiday season.

~ Oriana

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