Friday, December 4, 2009

Asian American students' perceptions on suicide.

Today I will be attending a presentation at Loyola University about Asian American College Student's perceptions on suicide with our Executive Artistic Director Brighid O'Shaughnessy. The presentation is being sponsored by the Asian American Suicide Prevention Initiative(AASPI), Mental Health America of Illinois, and Loyola University.

AASPI is dedicated to reducing suicide in the Asian American community of IL. Today's presentation will address the risk factors and barriers to services in the Asian American community. The presenters also aim to help attendees find and share resources to help Asian communities, and learn more about AASPI.

I look forward to learning about how suicide and mental illness are viewed by the Asian American students who participated in the presenters study, and to learning about new mental health resources for Asian communities here in Chicago. I am always excited to see suicide prevention and awareness events being offered to schools and communities, because silence about the topic of suicide can be dangerous.

Next week I will post a follow up to tell you about the presentation, who we met, and what we learned.

Until then, have a healthy weekend!

-Jessica Mondres

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