Friday, October 23, 2009

Introducing the authors Part 1

Oriana and I recently realized--over here in ETD blog land--that we have not officially introduced you-the reader-to us, the ladies who write this blog. So we decided it was high time to say hello, and tell you a little about ourselves. But how to do it?

Well we got inspired by our own organizational process. After all, we reasoned, isn't it the authentic voice each character brings to our plays that make them so successful? And don't we accomplish that by letting people tell their own story in their own way? Yes! To all of the above. So why not use interview, our own stories in our own voices, to introduce ourselves to you.

A few days ago I sat down with Oriana and she asked me about how I came to be a part of ETD, and what I think about our work. Later today we will publish that interview. Next week, we will publish my interview of her. And then we'll all know each other better.

-Jessica Mondres, Outreach Director.

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