Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A call to action

Dear Readers,

Now is a great time to recognize the importance of mental health in our communities.

• This week (Oct 5-11) is National Mental Illness Awareness Week
• Oct 8 is National Depression Screening Day
• Oct 10 is World Mental Health Day

Join the dialogue and make mental health a priority in your community.
How? Bring Erasing the Distance to YOU - to your school, workplace, community center, club, place of worship, or to your child's school.
Call us at 773-944-5062.
We want to talk to YOU about bringing one of our productions to you and the people you know.
• Facing the Rain - featuring the stories of college students
• What's Behind Our Eyes - featuring true stories of teenagers' experiences with mental illness
• The People I Know - Erasing the Distance's signature show seen by over 5,000 people so far

Together we can make a positive difference.
Participate in National Mental Health Awareness Week and call us today at 773-944-5062 to take the first step to "erase the distance" in your community!
We look forward to continuing the conversation,

Oriana Fowler
Communications Director
Jessica Mondres
Outreach Director
Brighid O'Shaughnessy
Executive Artistic Director
~The staff at Erasing the Distance

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