Friday, August 7, 2009

Weekly round-up

Welcome to ETD's weekend round-up. Here are some of the mental health links we've been digging this week...

Bi-polar Beat publishes another of their "semi bi-weekly" reports about the different types of medication used to treat bi-polar disorder. A great resource for people who want better understanding of their meds.

Pale-reflections discusses the often overlooked experience of developing an eating disorder in mid-life.

Support from friends and peers can be an integral part of good mental health. So we liked all the articles about the intricacies of friendship featured over at Psychology Today. A few of the highlights:
The Rorschach controversy is still simmering, should Wikipedia have published the blots? The Skeptical Psychologist weighs in.

And finally, John Grohol argues that when it comes to the DSM V, "Patients should be a part of the discussion, not just voyeurs from afar."

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