Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekly Round-Up

It's Friday again, time for a round up of the web links we've been reading at ETD. This week we thought we would do something a little different. We've noticed that recently health care reform is the conversational hot topic in the media and blogosphere, everyone has an opinion about it.

Obviously a stable, comprehensive health care plan is an important step on the road to good (national) mental health, so at ETD we've been following the conversation closely. Here are a handful of links addressing perceived pros and con's of Obama's plan, health care reform, and the fate of the U.S. health care system. Frankly, reading all of these articles might leave you with more questions then answers...

-Read what The White House has to say on the subject here.

-Health care, is it all just one big ponzi scheme?

-Psychology Today pokes some skeptical holes in the Republican stance on health care reform, and questions the feasibility of Obama's plans for reform.

-Making evidence-based mental health services accessible to everyone in a disaster-stricken area would have substantial public health benefits, according to a new NIMH study.

-Confused about the health care debate? The New York Times has a page that gives a summarized history of the health care reform movement, and links to recent news items and opinion pieces on the subject.

-CBS debunks ten common myths about health care reform.

-Riled up about health care? If so, you're not alone. Chicago Public Radio writes about the heated tone of debates at town hall meetings across the country.

...we'd love to know: What do you think about the debate over health care reform?

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