Friday, August 14, 2009

Learning to listen

Learning how to really listen to someone; openly, withholding judgment, and without interjecting our own opinions is an art form that takes practice. It is an important skill to develop, especially when your art and outreach depends upon in-depth, thoughtful interviews of people sharing intensely personal life experiences.

That is why the staff and artists at Erasing the Distance are so excited to be participating in an interview technique workshop this Sunday, August 16th, to be led by Michael Rohd, Ethel M. Barber visiting chair in theatre at Northwestern University, and founding artistic director of Sojourn theatre in Portland, Oregon. He is also the author of the book Theatre for Community Conflict and Dialogue: The Hope Is Vital Training Manual, which helps the reader "provide opportunities for young people to open up and explore their feelings through theatre..."

Ten folks from the ETD family of artists will spend an afternoon at Red Orchid Theatre space with Michael learning how to: best prepare an interview subject, conduct the actual interview, and handle follow-up details and transcription all with the goal of getting the best, most accurate version of the story being shared in an ethical, compassionate, and thoughtful way.

Check back next week for our artists reactions to the workshop!

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