Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekend round-up

The folks here at Erasing The Distance will be posting a weekly web round-up of interesting links about mental health from around the web on Fridays.

Here are the links that have had us talking recently...

  • Newsweek investigates a new approach to treating addiction: Sweat it out.
  • Therese Borchard reminds us that People with mental illness are just that, people.
  • The New York Times writes about the debate raging in the psychology world over the recent publication of the most common responses to the Rorsarch inkblots on wikipedia. via psychcentral
  • When the DSM 4 gets updated to the DSM 5 in 2012, some disorders will be eliminated while other new ones will be added. Which will make the cut, and which will get the boot? Psychology Today ponders the contenders.
  • The debate over health care reform has been raging across the country. Here in Chicago, a group of advocates marched right into Mayor Daley's office to have their voices heard.
  • There is such a thing as too healthy. Orthorexia is defined by the folks at Pale Reflections.
Stay informed, join the conversation, erase the distance. Have a restful weekend everyone!

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